My first week at Cambridge

I’m writing this 12 hours through what I’m hoping is a 24 hour sickness bug. Such is the way of freshers at a new institution – only this fresher’s flu includes a stomach bug as well as the usual multitude of cold symptoms. Woo! There’s no science in here to read, just the ramblings about my life here in Cambridge so far.

But moving on. I’ve started at Darwin College, a postgraduate only part of the University of Cambridge. There seems to be high science and engineering demographic, with a few arts students thrown in too. It’s a good mix, a large difference from the RVC where everyone is following the same discipline. The people seem friendly, the city is busy but in a different way to London. My accommodation here is so-so, the room is a good size but the but the building is loud and all of the water delivery pipes seem to run just behind my bed. I’ll get used to it. There’s no freezer in the kitchen. That’s my largest issue, since I’m used to cooking meals large enough for six and freezing portions down. Again, I’ll get used to it.

Moving on again! The department I shall be studying in for the next few years is amazing. The Earth Science School here is so incredibly friendly, everyone looks out for each other and is willing to share words of advice. I’ve got a great bunch of people to share an office with. The department meets for tea/coffee and lunch as a mass collective throughout the day, offering regular work breaks and opportunities to discuss current studies with people of many disciplines. I’m the only new paleo PhD in the school, surrounded by climatologists and geologists, but that doesn’t seem to be a barrier to meeting people which is fantastic. I also bumped into an old school friend who’s just started a Masters in the department!

I’m so far loving the whole experience here. Early next week I’m meeting with my supervisor, David Norman, to discuss where to head with my studies. The meeting was supposed to happen today, but illness struck and hence, regrettably, it had to be postponed.

More science-y posts are to follow. Maintaining this blog more regularly is something I’m aiming for this year, so please watch out for that.

Thanks for reading.