Degree status: 100%

So the last few months have been somewhere between busy and very busy on the busy-ness scale. And today it officially finished.

The last few months involved writing my dissertation on my cat work along with exam revision and sitting. A chaotic end to my degree, requiring lots of time management and focus. It’s all been worth it though.

I’m thrilled to have been awarded a First Class Honours degree in Bioveterinary Science, and in doing so have confirmed my place as a fully funded PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge studying the evolution of bipedality in dinosaurs. This will incorporate a lot of my current (growing) functional morphology knowledge and biomechanics, and I’ll develop skills in¬†paleoscience which I can’t wait for.

Hopefully I’ll be looking to get my cat work written up and published over the summer, so findings will be available there when that is done. I will say I was very pleased with how the work went, and cats are cool.


In light of my surprise degree classification I’m now going to celebrate and waste away the day.



PS: In future I hope this blog will be a bit more active, particularly once my PhD starts. I had wanted to investigate the effects Brexit may have on British Science, but that ship has sailed already, and isn’t such a hot topic anymore. Maybe next time I’ll be quicker to the party.