Recent goings on…

Quick update about how things have been going on over the last couple of months!

There’s been two trips to the Cat Survival Trust in Hertfordshire, a rehoming and breeding sanctuary for big and small cats. For a summary of how well data collection went there, see this article by Ed Yong in The Atlantic. It summarises some of the aims of my current research nicely, as well as painting me as a true cat whisperer (something I can’t seem to shake now).

More recently was an overnight stay near the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (find them here) to study their cats. This was a far more successful trip, and despite not having many photographs myself due to working the equipment, I can point you to Andrew Cuff’s post about our time away. In all, it was an incredible two days working up close with Cheetahs, a huge 200+kg African Lion, a feisty Fishing Cat (who was the star of the show) and more.

I’ve got plenty of data to analyse over the coming months, before writing up around May time for my dissertation!

In other news, I have an interview at the University of Cambridge next week for an awesome PhD programme studying the evolution of bipedality, so prep for that has been the past week or so’s bedtime reading. Here’s to a good interview, to say I’m nervous would be an understatement..!

Until next time, hopefully I’ll have some good news to share, and maybe some sneaky peeks at how the data is looking!