2016 has arrived

And with it comes another step on the adventure.

Data analysis for my third year project is well underway, with additional collection happening this month! This presents opportunities to get up close and personal with some awesome felid species across two feline sanctuaries in south westerly England.

Current data is looking great, hopefully we can get some more active cats this month to get some variation in the data set – cheetahs and tigers are fans of walking and not much else it seems.

The constant search for PhD studentships continues, fingers crossed January will bring some new projects that tweak my fancy, which will mean more applications to be made.

In the meantime, I’ve got another module starting this Monday, investigating different animal and cellular models that can be used for disease. A little outside my usual area of interest, but it seemed the most interesting option outside of the locomotion module.

I’ll end this short update here, there’s bound to be more #SICB2016 tweets to catch up on by now – so much cool science to read about!