And so the summer ends

Not as extensive a post as last time, and nowhere near as substantial, but here’s some experiences I’ve had, and some musings about the next few weeks as the summer draws to a close.

This week, I helped out a little more on the giraffe project, helping out where I could with data collection for future work.

It was great to experience data collection on such a large scale! Manual work shovelling sand and lifting slabs of wood made me feel right at home, and was a nice refreshment from time spent in the office. The first day was spent setting up for collection: putting force plates into the steel framework underground, wiring up and protecting and burying the plates. Day two and three were spent collecting, the first of which went perfectly. Day three faced some small technical issues, none of which impacted upon the quality of the data, but I’ve come to the conclusion that without some problems you can’t have been doing real science.

Though only a short week helping out, I had a whale of a time. Now I have a few weeks to relax and enjoy time off before class begins. I’ll be spending tome of that time contemplating a few species I may want to study, and might dedicate a post or two to bouncing ideas around. It’s something I need to be considering now that I’m set on doing a PhD after my undergraduate degree.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be sharing my experiences learning new things this term, and may share my analysis of a few papers I should be dissecting in my class’ journal club! Until next time!