First post for a month or so, with good reason

It’s been a long time since I last posted, but I made the executive decision that digitising wasn’t a thrilling point of discussion for the next post on my journey, and until yesterday, that has pretty much been all I’ve done.

Until Monday arrived. I gloriously finished digitising. “I’m free of MATLAB!”, I¬†thought, foolishly. For as long as I want to be a biomechanist, I will never be free of MATLAB. But I’m okay with that. With heaps of digitised data stored in .csv files begging to be analysed, I began deciding what I actually wanted to find out. Simple kinematics are a given, and if I manage to debug the code that someone is providing, I might be able to derive some joint angles, which will be great!

With the manageable¬†data set I have, I’m able to do the majority of my analysis in Excel, which although not ideal, does the job. In future I hope to use MATLAB almost exclusively, but learning an entire coding language and analysing my data in the dwindling time I have left on this project is a little optimistic.

Yesterday came my first result. Space calibration, decrypting my first ever Ground Reaction Force data and a multitude of Excel equations has given me a speed, stance/swing times and duty factors. I’m ecstatic. All the hard work has paid off!

Once I’ve collected as much as this as I can, I’m going to write a code to determine theoretical leg lengths, I think. From there, the calibrated space will give me stride lengths, and I’l be able to garner some relative lengths and frequencies too, as well as Froude number.

What’s life without a challenge?

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