Oops, it’s been a while…

Oops, it’s been a while…

So I may have not posted in quite a little while long time. Ah well, there’s one here now.

Since we last spoke, a lot has happened. I did the salamander project, lots of digitising and writing up, but I earned a First in that project! The year overall finished as a high 2:1, just like last year. Due to overall disliking the taught content this year, I’m happy with that. Next year I require 72.3% for an overall First Class BSc, so my sights are set.

At time of writing, I’m just starting my third week of my BBSRC funded studentship within the Structure and Motion Lab at the RVC, working on giraffe locomotion. It’s amazing! Giraffes are such funny creatures to look at, when you really pay attention. Despite having never actually met the subject animals (Bashu, Ijuma, Savannah, Willow and Luna from Whipsnade Zoo), their personalities exude through the medium of video, and I may have let slip the odd giggle when reviewing the data.

The timetable I work to now is brilliant. Though flexible, I’m finding myself working to solid, consistent days, and enjoying every minute. It’s the research life for me!

Until the next time I remember to post… Farewell!