Here I am!

Well hello there new blog.

I’m Luke, at time of writing a second year undergrad student at the Royal Veterinary College, studying Bioveterinary Science. This blog is going to form a record of my journey from where I am now to where I end up. So hopefully, it lasts a while.

I like looking at how things/animals move, and if all goes to plan, you’ll see a lot of that sort of thing posted here. I’ll be documenting what I learn, what I’m looking at and maybe occasionally a little bit about my everyday life and views I feel passionately about. For the most part, I’ll keep it boiled down to the science.

No comment on how often I’ll be able to post, but at this stage in my career, it won’t be overly frequent. I’m about to begin a great project for the second year of my degree, travelling to northern Spain to capture and study fire salamanders in the coming couple of weeks, so I’l share that. There’s then a summer project I have lined up, all before my dissertation next academic year. After that, I’ve got a PhD set in my sights. So it may turn out busy here after all!

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with pictures and news from the Spain trip with people from the RVC’s Structure and Motion Lab in a few weeks. TTFN!


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